Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay, I'll confess now; the title and image above were intended to be a bit misleading!

Based on the concept of inner brilliance that I embrace, one of my biggest tenets is this:

"The best doctor we could ever listen to is the one within."

I remind clients of this frequently. The wisdom inside of us can guide us about what we need in every moment. We've all experienced hunger and known that we needed to refuel with a meal or a snack. We've felt thirst and known that we needed more water to rehydrate. Our bodies feel really hot and we look for ways to cool down. When consumed with fatigue, we feel the desire to take a nap. Obvious and very evident to us all, right?

What about if we have a cold and we notice a strong craving for soups with clear broth, while feeling no appetite for anything heavy or rich? Or, if we feel irritable and then notice that it's been too long since we've had quality time with our significant other? Or how about if we have a stiff low back and we feel the urge to crawl around on the floor and do some "stretching" that's so original, that these moves won't be found in any stretching book? These might be a little less obvious, but it's the same thing!

In so many ways, the innate intelligence that is constantly working for us, is constantly giving us messages about what we can do for ourselves, when, how much, how often, AND in this present moment! From what we eat for lunch today, to the posture we assume when sitting down (without thinking about it!), to who we may need to have a conversation with, this inner brilliance is constantly guiding us in all of our decisions and actions; both concious, subconcious, and unconcious.

Our connection with this inner guidance is one of our best sources for advice. Some folks call this their "intuition" or what "my gut tells me". Whatever the words to describe it, this wisdom is absolutely and constantly present in every living person! The next time you find yourself wondering on any level about what you should do for yourself, try asking your own inner brilliance as your first step! Listen to your gut, you intuition, your inner wisdom, and do the best you can to follow this guidance. You can cultivate your awareness of this connection by paying attention and also by honoring what your body/being asks for.

Of course, sometimes your intuition may tell you is that it's time for a consultation with an expert, or a trip to the Emergency Room, or to ask someone for help. There is a place and time for every type of care. However, cultivating your connection with this "doctor within" is still the best way to know what's right for you. You may have your own practices that help you stay connected to this, and you may also consult health care providers that support you in having the clearest possible expression of this wisdom, to facilitate the expression of your maximum health potential on every level.

Your inner brilliance is truly the best doctor I can imagine ever consulting! Ask away!

For more information, see Inner Brilliance Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Holly Hochstadt, a chiropractor in Seattle.