Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What does inner brilliance look like?

If we've all got this inner brilliance, how do we recognize it? What does it look like when it is expressing in ourselves or others? Of course, the possible responses to this question are infinite!
The most common thing that people experience that lets them know their inner brilliance is expressing loud and clear.... is a sense of clear connection with their own wisdom. Some would call this "hearing their intuition", or "feeling their gut", or in chiropractic it's what we would call the "innate intelligence". When you feel more connected to this "doctor within", you are able to make the best choices for yourself, on every level, in each moment. This is the best way for each individual to move forward on their personal path to expressing more of their health on every level, as well as more of their gifts in the world; which all adds up to more of their inner brilliance!
Here are just a few examples of what inner brilliance looked like for some of my clients, after they got adjusted at IBC, in the last few weeks:
-the ability to sleep well through the night, after years of major sleep disorder
-resolution of pain, which had been severe for over a month
-full hearing in one ear, which had been considered "deaf" by doctors
-sense of new direction and timing (with clear communication & action) for a new career pursuit
-decrease in pain which resulted from an injury that had only been worsening with time
-clarity, "centered-ness", and increased efficiency while going through a stressful job change
When the subluxations in your system have been addressed by your chiropractor, the whole body/being functions better. That is why inner brilliance can appear in so many different ways!

For more information, see Inner Brilliance Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Holly Hochstadt, a chiropractor in Seattle.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cookin' with love!

My friend, Tom, is a fantastic chiropractor. And, when travelling with him to any city or town in the country to attend a seminar, it was always a joy to share a meal with him. He taught me something important about food and how it connects us all.

Walking on city streets, or through a food festival, or even the food court in an airport, Tom would look at each establishment he passed. He seemed to check out the look, the smells, and the sounds of every offering. He tried to see the chefs or the cooks at work. He would size it up. I thought maybe he had some kitchen cleanliness phobia, or else some skill or intuition about choosing the best food, and I asked him about it once when we were here in Seattle, at the Folklife Music Festival, looking for lunch on a Friday afternoon. He explained to me that what he was always looking for, was... the people who were "cooking with love"!

I've thought a lot about that since then. It made a lot of sense to me. The people who loved what they were doing, who were happy to be doing it, and were joyous to share it--- it was their cooking I most longed to sample! Have you ever walked into a restaurant or some small place, like a sandwich shop, where someone makes a grudging effort to come serve you, and you quickly get the feeling they'd really rather be doing something else, or it's an imposition, or that they simply aren't happy to be doing this job?

Maybe a little like in the film Like Water For Chocolate, when all the same skill and talent is present, maybe our state of mind does effect what we produce or how we do it. So, I've thought about this in terms of many of the different jobs, services, and products we receive in our daily lives. The mechanic who worked on my car for years (until I sold it last fall!), LOVES working on cars. The purveyor of one of my neighborhood restaurants LOVES running his business. And, my barista LOVES making chai lattes! I know this makes sense to you too. Would you want a dentist to work on you who didn't like doing her job? Would you want to have a birthday cake made by someone who was bitter about having to do it? Here's the tie-in...

Every day when I show up at IBC, I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness people for who they truly are, and to support them in expressing more of their full potential, their health, their inner brilliance. The ways this shows up in people's lives are infinite. I plan to share some of these in my next entry. But the joy I experience in delivering honoring, exceptional, vitalistic chiropractic care is one of the biggest in my life. My heart is completely present, and in alignment with knowing each person's perfection and their potential. I feel so blessed to do what I do for a living. I am thrilled to have created "right livelihood" in my life. For me, when I'm serving at IBC, I'm always "cookin' with love"!

For more information, see Inner Brilliance Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Holly Hochstadt, a chiropractor in Seattle.